Hello, and thanks for visiting Gwaltney Custom Guitars. I am a one-man luthier operation, I prefer it this way, I enjoy touching all aspects of the build with my own hands, to create an instrument through feel, intuition, and a bit of science mixed in. The guitar has been described as a complex “machine”, very difficult to understand its workings, this is true to a certain degree, but I believe that the human hand, ear, heart, and mind, working together, naturally provide clear direction in guitar-building. Of course it is essential to start with the finest woods available, to maintain them at the proper humidity and temperature, and to have a clear understanding about the nature of the organic parts and pieces used in the construction of a world-class instrument. I have been very fortunate to train with master luthier Ervin Somogyi, and I attribute much of my success and progress to those things that he shared, knowledge that may never have been realized through years of trial and error on my own time, thanks Ervin! Guitar building is a passion of mine, it seemed that every moment of every day was spent thinking about processes that might lead to the perfect instrument, and then I realized that the perfect instrument is always the one right before me, I sincerely hope that I have an opportunity to share one with you.


It's a marvelous, marvelous guitar, built with all the smarts and passion and commitment that a very smart and passionate and dedicated man could bring. Thank you so very much for your fine work, Greg...


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